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Yamaha Ls9-32 Digital Mixing Console Used

Written by Jazz Brown

Yamaha Ls9-32 Digital Mixing Console Used Made for portable live sound, Yamaha Commercial Audio LS9 consoles pack an astounding amount of production power in the surprisingly easy and perfectly portable package.

This 64-channel LS9-32, using its extended fader bank and 32 mic/line inputs, weighs under 43 lbs., and it is little brother, the 32-channel LS9-16, only weighs 27 lbs. Considering the ample routing options, multimode faders, extensive onboard processing, and remote-control options below its refreshingly intuitive interface, you may never take a look at sound reinforcement the same way again. This console is at sound condition and capable to decide on a custom Slamhammer road case and further ADAT input cards installed when you need more I/O.