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Vox Night Train 15W head and two Vox 1 x 12 Celestion Greenback speaker cabinets

Written by Jazz Brown

Vox Night Train 15W head and 2 Vox 1 x 12 Celestion Greenback speaker cabinets. In new condition. The head includes a diode toggle, which enable it to switch right down to 7.5W for sparkling clean tones. Switch it down to 15W and it can get quite distorted as those EL84’s heat up. It’s surprisingly loud, suitable for a small club gig. This create was obviously a staple inside my studio room. I routinely ran it via a Fendor 2 x 12 closed back cabinet, or perhaps a single Vox 1 x 12 ” speaker cabinet that has been open back, for warmer tones.

The tubes are new. Incorporates padded road case to the head, and power cord. I’m not selling this rig because I must, speculate I just underwent too tricky and can no longer take part in the guitar. Nor may i drive anymore, so that you must come here to post this item. $550 funds on pickup, for the head and both cabinets