Used Wisemann Pocket Trumpet

Written by Jazz Brown

Greetings all! Have you got Used Wisemann Pocket Trumpet player in the family and are searching for an excellent gift. Well search no further. I have fresh Wisemann Pocket Trumpets. Fundamental essentials same horns which were sold by the Canadian Brass and created by expert brass instrument designer Kevin Powers (designed and built British Brass Band cornets for Schilke). $400 used would be a great price, these are nevertheless in the box. Kevin have also been the distributor of those horns, but alas when the down turn hit, the financial burden overwhelmed his business…however that had nothing related to the quality of the horns.

These Used Wisemann Pocket Trumpet has a solid case with a handy shoulder strap. These horns are good for travel, toss it within the trunk, I’ve managed to input it in the suitcase which fit in the overhead bin (screw those checked baggage fees). Maintain it in a desk at work for some lunchtime practice. A unique “gimmick” horn for performance.

Do these play as well as let’s imagine a Bach Stradivarious or Kanstul 1600?, well, no, I have found it turns into a little stuffy over high C. Nevertheless for a Christmas time brass quintet outside in the snow, or perhaps a little street group and also other non extreme playing …this will perform very credible job…unless you would like to pop off double “Cs” through the night.

Here’s the specs: – DPT-400 Bb Pocket Trumpet – Bb Pocket trumpet – Bell 123mm, bore 11.65mm (4.84″ Bell, .459 bore size – Both within standard trumpet specs) – Brass lacquered finish (We have Silver) – Stainless piston valves – Canvas case (An Incredible and SOLID CASE) bullet Includes Trumpet Mouthpiece and cleaning cloth.