Used Professional Level Lacquered B-flat Bach Stradivarius Trumpet

Written by Jazz Brown

Used Professional Level Lacquered B-flat Bach Stradivarius Trumpet. It’s got Stainless-steel valves. It’s Schilke style Hexagonal valve caps, tuning slide braces and spit valves.

They have reinforced slides. The Slides, leadpipe and bell are yellow brass. The Bell has engravings to incorporate a bit pizazz. Amado style water keys. Bell Dimension is 4.92″

Every once in awhile I have discovered myself able to pick up newer and more effective Wisemann horns once i can piggyback on other shipments. I played this horn previously with the distributor and thought it would be a great pick-up a number of.

The specifications and production just for this horn was made by Kevin Powers, master brass instrument specialist. Because I remember it turned out meant to be a Bach Stradivarius 37 ML clone, however when I opened the box it had the Schilke Hex trim. Knowing that Kevin employed to design and produce horns for Schilke, I figured it might be a b–1 Clone, but no, it plays just like a Strad. When Kevin got back in my experience he said the horn is basically a Strad design, but he thought the Schilke looked cooler (so it does).

The horn comes really nice Wisemann case with room for music, pens, and cell phone.

This is a great chance to pick up a whole new horn which in blind play tests you’ll have a hard time differentiating from a Strad.

Come on by, bring your teacher, bring a Strad to test it against. Once you hold and play I’m sure you’ll agree a great value.