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Used Pork Pie Drum Sets With Brand New Dw Hardware And Zildjian A Cymbals

Written by Jazz Brown

Excellent condition used pro quality pork pie drum set with brand new dw hardware and zildjian a cymbals. 24″ kick drum, 14 x 6.5 snare drum, 13″ rack tom and 16″ floor tom. Cymbals are zildjian a 20″ med ride, 17″ zildjian med thin crash, 14″ new beats hi hat set, brand new dw 5000 hi hat stand, brand new dw 3000 bass drum pedal, two new dw 9000 series boom cymbal stands and brand new dw throne.

The shells are made out of Eastern mahogany so it’s got a very very nice warm tone the finishes are going after the vintage buco look you know from the fifties but it also comes in a natural finish this particular kit here is 13 inch fractal 16 inch floor tom 14 by 24 bass drum and in the blue silver do faux finish and this kit has a sweet price of 1100 bucks.

This snare drum is very special because first one is I’m gonna be the exclusive person to have this finish and this finish is actually made out of bits of brass or bronze that comes from a customer cymbal manufacturer made the chop the pieces up it’s actually simple material that’s really unique how does that change the overall sound of the drum in any way, it’s not because the shell is an eighth pine maple, show the material is put on on the outside of the show as a wrapper.