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Used Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 Dj Mixer

Written by Jazz Brown

Used TRACTOR KONTROL Z2 2 2 Channel DJ Mixer. The mixer is slightly used, it’s got no scratches or blemishes. This mixer permits you to mix with good both digital and analog worlds. TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 excels being a standalone mixer alongside turntables and CDJs, as well as the hub associated with an advanced controller-based setup.

Flawless integration using the included TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 software and advanced Remix Decks control deliver a lightning-fast mixing knowledge about uninterrupted creative flow.

They come with:

  • unregistered TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 software
  • 2 Timecode vinyl records 
  • 2 Timecode CDs 
  • Crane pro laptop stand with leather gig bag ($70 value)

Awesome mixer! Excellent construction like several Native Instruments hardware. Runs flawlessly with Traktor Pro 2 needlessly to say, and it has all you need. Also is very rewarding with Serato for those who have an SL box and map the midi controls to your liking. I really prefer Serato, but couldn’t afford a Rane mixer. Nevertheless the Z2 is amazing, and also you acquire the best use out of it running Traktor software. The mini Innofaders are awesome too the cut-was very sharp around the crossfader.

I bought it throughout a sale from native instruments that’s too best to pass up. My intention was to never put it to use with traktor. I have used serato going back 36 months, and as a scratch DJ, I’d no real interest in switching.

The mixer includes a program that enables you to program light from the buttons and how it behaves through midi. It absolutely was easy to map to my preferences i contain it set to manipulate the 3 effects per deck, loop roll, loops, cue points, and also the faders map to serato video. I’ve certain buttons set to toggle the lights don and doff about the buttons, so so long as I am using only the mixer to trigger effects, I buy some sort of light feedback. I will be stuck with with all the mouse and arrow keys to load tracks, however with the shortcut (ctrl arrow), I do not really need to have my mixer load tracks. The filters work great when utilizing becoming a normal mixer, and also the faders mapping to serato video, I will be super happy.

I have never felt the requirement to upgrade the fader yet. I actually do random gigs where I use the club’s rane mixer i hate having to revisit the stiff fader. The innofader in this mixer does the job.

The road faders kind of suck for their stiffness, however you can switch the faders with all the innofader pnp’s and solve that issue. It might be less expensive than buying a rane mixer. I’ve not done that yet… Nevertheless the choices there if you must have these to tight on tension. I merely do not do stabs with all the line faders when you use this mixer.

The build quality has been good. I have never had problems with the paint like some of the other posts. I have put in sufficient time on it i would expect the paint to get started on to put on. It really is slightly beginning fade somewhat, but which has been after TONS of gigs and practice sessions. There are many days that we practice 8-10 hours straight, and no issues. I have to of received one where they fixed the paint. I would not rest my hand for the mixer though, so maybe which has helped it?