Cymbals Drums

Used Mapex Meridian Birch Drum Set

Written by Jazz Brown

Used Mapex Meridian Birch Drum Set.  I acquired this set 5 years ago. Barely employed for 12 months. I used to be in a praise band and just put on the extender once every three weeks for about 8 months (not for practices). Since then I’ve not played it whatsoever and it’s really been stored inside my house in bags without stacking them. The cymbals were purchased as well and possess had a little more use because i used these to play in a church for the next 2 yrs around two times a month.


  • 20 inch medium ride
  • 18 inch crash
  • 16 inch crash
  • 10 ” AAX splash
  • 14 inch hi hat


  • 14 inch snare with Evans HD dry
  • Bass with Evans EMAD 2 Head
  • Toms – 10, 12, 14, 16 inches by having Evans EC2 heads
  • DW 5000 double bass pedal


  • 18 inch crash with small crack on rim, will not extend toward middle of cymbal, sound barely affected
  • DW drum pedal – second pedal chain mechanism takes place set up by wire for the reason that original pin lock broke.
  • 10 inch Tom has rust on one of the head screws (I not really know how this happened. It must’ve happened from the wet spot before I input it into storage)

Plus sides:

  1. Barely used drums and heads
  2. I will include bags that happen to be in fantastic condition and were top of the line for soft carrying bags.
  3. Great sound
  4. Full set-up
  5. I’ll include nice Gibraltar drum throne
  6. I will include original Mapex clear heads which were not used in any way. Less

This is the mint Meridian birch I’ve got a maple set and I liked it so much. I really like the finish on this, now they don’t make this set anymore think they made about five years ago or so I bought a new old stock so it was new you probably find the deal on if you find a music store that still has some of these in stock.

I replaced the heads out on them put a regulator and since they’re it’s birch it is it’s a little different it’s kind of cool it’s got the Train now for the tongs as a ten and twelve inch rack tone but this this has more of like classic rock style kind of the twelve and thirteen inch Tom’s and plus they’re about an inch deeper here on the Tom.

I also replace the the stock heads of Mapex stock heads aren’t that good so I went with the Remo but they’re like Remo so I went with the Ambassador X so a little bit thicker than the ambassadors give it a little bit more durability and a darker I guess tell them there so there you go like I said twelve thirteen sixteen matching snare and a 22 inch bass drum I guess that’s better oh the hardware’s really cool has this little extra thing in here for the rack Tom’s we could put a little symbol on there something will splash on there.