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Used Majestic 40 Two-channel Guitar pedal-platform Amplifier

Written by Jazz Brown

Used Majestic 40 Two-channel Guitar pedal-platform Amplifier. 3rd Power Majestic 40 Amplifier. The amp is in fantastic condition only a few rub marks and a tiny tear towards the bottom left corner. A really great sounding amp simply not the sound i’m about for right now. For trades i’d be considering other Boutique Amps like Tyler, Matchless, Divided by 13 Etc plus cash where needed.

The Majestic 40 is really a two-channel guitar/pedal-platform amplifier designed to the demanding specifications of Stuart Garrard AKA Stu G. in the band Delirious?. The Majestic 40 receives a number of it’s inspiration from Stu’s legendary 70’s Park combo amplifier. But like many vintage amplifiers, it got until it needed to be retired from road use so Stu approached 3rd Power to determine if they might create a new amplifier that does not only captured the spirit from the old Park, but would go to a new level.

That is what we should did! What’s it sound like? Please take a mid 60’s AC30 and layer it with all the bass channel of an vintage 60’s Marshall with its’ big soundstage and full, as well as rich punchy delivery – combined, you find a decidedly British sound that is not totally Marshall or Vox but somewhere among… an ideal love-child of both sides from the classic British tones. Include our Ambient-mode Reverb, HybridMASTER and Citizen-Loop plus you’ve got one fantastic amplifier that may attract anyone creating giant sonic scapes to punchy British-infused rock n roll. The articulation and clarity are laser-guided accurate yet wonderfully warm and analog.


  • Model name: majestic 40
  • Volume controls: volume 1, volume 2 (fully blendable)
  • Rectifiers: tube and solid-state power supply rectification selectable via the standby switch
  • Operating voltage: 120v is standard. Export 240v and other mains voltages are available
  • Case composition: 5/8″ birch
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 10.5″ x 9.33″
  • Power tubes: mullard reissue el34 x 2 as standard
  • Certification: ce certified
  • Standby switch features: middle position: standby mode, up position: solid state rectifier, down position: tube rectifier
  • Options: 112 combo version
  • Power: class ab, 40 watts (tube rectified), ~50 watts (solid state rectified)
  • Reverb level
  • Preamp tubes: v1-v4: ecc83s, v5: sovtek 12ax7 lps
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Other controls & features: presence, stage/studio, output mode switch (stage mode = 100% output, studio mode = 30% output), hybridmaster™ level control for fine tuning output level, citizen loop (tube-buffered pedal optimized series fx loop from the dual citizen).
  • Tone controls treble, middle and bass
  • Speaker outputs: 1 x 16, 2 x 8 and 2 x 4 ohm speaker outputs