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Used Blackbird Rider Nylon String Guitar

Written by Jazz Brown

Used Blackbird Rider Nylon String Guitar. Awesome string guitar, lightly used. Includes case. Here’s a superb Blackbird Rider Nylon in absolutely gorgeous condition. There aren’t any scratches, dents, or dings anywhere into it. This instrument was bought new and it has seen almost no action. It provides a custom made Mother Of Pearl saddle by MacNichol Guitars, and includes the Neck-Up support, original composite saddle, and paperwork. American Made.

The Blackbird Rider Nylon is often a pro-level carbon fiber nylon string guitar with superlative acoustic and amplified performance. Blackbird’s carbon fibre one-piece construction, with hollow head, neck and the entire body allows the entire guitar to resonate enhancing loudness, bass and sustain. These unique shape and style innovations come together holistically to generate a seemingly physics-defying voice.

The versatile Rider is evenly in the home playing an etude about the high seas or folk/Jazz/accompaniment within a city near you. With the included Neck-up guitar accessory, the Rider is securely anchored- no footstool required! No more face humidity or durability difficulties with the Rider carbon fibre nylon string guitar.