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Triplett Harps Used

Written by Jazz Brown

Triplett Harps tailor made this Eclipse to withstand MN winters.
Gorgeous harp made from one piece of cherry wood.
Perfect, not only a scratch, never brought out of the house.
The Eclipse won a GRAMMY for Celtic harpist Anne Roos.
Lisa Lynn will only record with an Eclipse.
Huge soundboard results in a loud, lush sound.
Play acoustic or amplified, a microphone pickup on each string.
Visit Triplettharps.com to listen for the Eclipse’s magic.
38 Strings
All Cherry Wood
Camac levers
Case with wheels
Abalone Celtic knot
Internal Pickups on every string
Internal Pre-amp
5 year warranty
Extra strings
Laser cut tuning wrench, Celtic Knot design
28 pounds
16″ soundboard
Height 60″
Cab to tailgate 32″ deep