DJ Gear

TouchMix-16 profesional compact mixer

Written by Jazz Brown

TouchMix is very simply the best, compact mixer ever created. It offers the features, capabilities and sound company’s world’s most esteemed large format consoles in the highly compact and portable package that’s sufficiently little to be carry-on luggage. Suitable for musicians, bands, AV production professionals and small performance venues, the TouchMix-16 goes “Beyond Mixing” by giving Wizards, Presets and also other beneficial tools that assist both seasoned audio professionals and novices alike get great results quickly and easily.

Its 22 mixing channels (16 Mic/Line, 4 Line, Stereo USB) and 12 outputs offer ample signal management %uFB02exibility while advanced features for example class-A microphone preamps, Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards, real-time analyzer (RTA) and 20-channel direct-to-external-drive recording allow it to be equally competent as both a specialist live sound or recording tool.

This is the nice profesional mixer since its very portable, it is possible to move it anywhere and it is super simple to use, it is possible to create your ipad, iphone or any android device and use it via WIFI connection ( they are available in the small USB adapter to create the link)

They come in the original QSC box, original QSC case, documents and the original power adapter and the USB WIFI adapter.