Tama SwingStar Drumset with cases

Written by Jazz Brown

We are selling my Tama SwingStar Drumset with cases. It’s a wrapped shell mahogony kit from your mid to late eighties in excellent condition with a great deal of extras. The colour is gun metal grey and possesses a chameleon effect in different light that makes it look grey in blue or cool white lighting and green in yellow or soft white lighting which can be pretty sweet.

Tama SwingStar 5pc (BD, Low, Low/mid, mid, high) – SN 329951

Mapex Janus Hi-Hat/Double BD Pedal

Pearl Icon Series square 3-sided rack

5x – PC50 Pearl Rack Clamps

2x – PC80 Pearl Rack Clamps

3x – Pearl UniLock Cymbal Stands

Tama Stagemaster Snare Stand

Tama Tom Mount

Tama Stack-on-cymbal Mount

Mapex Piccolo Snare Drum

CB Drums Throne

LP Claw Clamp-on Cowbell Holder

The HatTrick Hi-Hat mounted Tamborine

Paiste 802 10″ Splash

Paiste 802 14″ Hi-Hat

Paiste 2002 20″ Ride

Sabian B8 18″ China

Zildjian ZBT 18″ Crash/Ride

Zildjian Cymbal Duffel Type Carry Bag