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Schiller Royal Classic 172 Grand Piano

Written by Jazz Brown

Schiller Royal Classic 172 Grand Piano. It is in excellent condition. I gets the balance with the manufacturer warrantee (a decade) at the same time. It arrives with the matching bench. The conclusion is mahogany polish. Schiller Pianos offer excellent value with quality. Together with beautiful veneers to boost appearance, these pianos offer acceptable standard of sound and responsive mechanism at very reasonable low cost price to match both student and professional at either end of their cost range.

Schiller pianos are already supplied to teachers, Music Institutions and personal households, fully guaranteed with great recommendations and success. Gives the student or professional a chance to get a quality instrument at an affordable with acceptable standards. The mixture of tone, touch and affordability makes the piano of our own best pianos. It generates an unusual depth of tone and consistency across all the different octaves. The consistency across the plethora of octaves ensures the Schiller grand is a firstclass clarinet.