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Randall ola englund signature satan 120w tube guitar head

Written by Jazz Brown

It is a beast undoubtedly. Dated June of 2016 for manufacture so not too old. Have a look at all the reviews because of this sweet amp. I’d wish to keep it but its 120w is just too much for home and i also don’t gig or anything. Incorporates Randall switch pedal. Note the three 6’s substituting the G’s on for “Girth” “Grind” and “Gain” for the first pair of knobs. Knobs and Randal emblem certainly are a custom red. For brutal metal and djent.

Ola Englund Signature (the most popular youtuber. Check him out!) and produced by the legendary Mike Fortin.
Features a few scuffs and also the front plant is slightly bent on the corner as shown from the pic. How is it possible the first sort owner attemptedto pry the phrase Satan away? Had it shipped up here simply because you won’t locate them here which thing is heavy and well made.

Also selling an optional great cab which goes well by using it. A well used ADA split stack and 300w in some Eminence Patriot Swamp Thangs.
$1300 for that Randall
$300 for the cab
$1500 for the set. Will incorporate a speaker and guitar cable together with the pair.