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Precision Type Dean Zone Bass Guitar

Written by Jazz Brown

This Can Be A Precision Type Dean Bass Guitar. Before Anything, This Bass Has Solid Tone, And Also The Neck Is Often A Slim, Fast Neck, Using A Crown Radius (That Is Certainly Very Comfy)! The Wood Around The Neck Is Blem Free, And Feels So Smooth To Feel. Additionally, It Features: Gold Hardware, A Brilliant Green Body, And Fret Board, With Black Block In-Lays. A Split Get, With A Volume And Tone Knob. (2 Pickguards),White Customized Pickguard, With Prism Sparkle underneath pickguard plus a Red Tortoise Pickguard. The Neck Is Real Thin With The Nut, (Being A Jazz Bass). Has 20 Frets. Plays Simple And Awesome! Occur Down And Listen To It.