Pre-owned Selmer Mark Vi Tenor Sax Silver With Gold Wash Bell

Written by Jazz Brown

Pre-owned silver plated selmer mark vi tenor sax. This horn is incredibly rare for many reasons. It is just one of approximately 2,000 total mark vis to get a gold wash bell. Additionally, it contains the rare high f# key and european, non french engraving. As well as its features, the 92xxx serial number points too this sax is made during a period when many would believe that selmer was making some their utmost tenors.

Price: $7000

This sax may be played throughout its life and shows signs and symptoms of regular use, nonetheless it was recently serviced and is gig ready for one more owner. Please look at the photos for additional information, and you can get in touch with inquiries maybe you have. We are accessible in the boston area through june 24th.


  • high f# key
  • 92xxx mark vi tenor
  • silver plated with gold wash bell
  • european (non french) engraving
  • recently serviced