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Portable CD Guitar Trainer TASCAM CD-GT1mkII is in excellent condition

Written by Jazz Brown

The TASCAM CD-GT1mkII Portable CD Guitar Trainer may be the ultimate training and jamming tool for guitarists, vocalists, and also other musicians. Take any favorite CD, plug practicing the guitar straight into the CD-GT1’s 1/4″ input, wear some headphones, set the quantity, and commence rocking! Vocalists can perform precisely the same with a mic.

The Slow Speed Audition feature permits you to learn licks note-for-note by reducing the CD up to 50% without changing the pitch. You can even boost the tempo in steps before you match the main performance. Added features add a guitar-cancelling function, built-in metronome, and oscillators for tuning, and split monitoring.

Advanced players can use the CD-GT1’s pitch and speed controls to audition various keys and tempi for CDs they’ve burned of their very own music.

The CD-GT1 has 57 great-sounding, customizable effects including distortion, delay, chorus, and more. Ladies nice collection of vocal reverbs and processed sounds so that you can sing as well as rockers, hip-hoppers, divas, and everything in-between!

You’ll be able to set seamless in-out loop points together with the CD-GT1 in order that it plays the identical passage continuously so you can nail phrases. Make use of the footswitch input to start playing the CD from any designated point as well as to scroll through effects.