Pearl Export Series Drum Kit in Poplar Metallic Grey finish

Written by Jazz Brown

Pearl Export Series Kit in Poplar Metallic Grey finish.
Kit is within great condition I’ve owned it for approximately five years but never used it up to I’d hoped. Now moving and does not accommodate it.
Kick – 22″
Pearl kick heads, insulated.
Tama kick pedal
Floor Tom – 16″
Toms – 13″, 12″, 10″
Snare – 14″
Remo heads.
Paiste 505 14″ hats
Sabian B8 set – 17″ Crash, 15″ Crash, 8″ Splash
Meinl HCS 20″ ride
Zildjian ZXT 18″ China
Mostly pearl, one new Mapex ride stand, one “griffin” snare stand and something “WJM” crash stand
Pearl I.S.S. for tom hardware.
NEW Gibraltar throne.
Rhythm Tech Studio Series Cowbell and Tambourine with hardware.
Pearl “Muffle Head” practice heads for those drums. Kick practice head has ripped a lttle bit, but it is covered in duct tape and worked fine the very last time I used it.
Extra Yamaha snare head.
Pretty firm around the price considering everything particularly deal, I think it’s really a fair price.