PDP Z5 drum kit with Zildjian LV80 series

Written by Jazz Brown

On the market is really a PDP Z5 drum kit fully transformed into an acoustic/electric drum set as well as Zildjian LV80 series low volume cymbals, hardware, instrument cables, and Roland TD-6V drum module. All components will be in excellent condition and still have only been lightly used.

This setup provides for quiet practice (I’m able to play at full volume and now have a conversation with someone a number of feet away), yet feels much nearer to playing an acoustic drum set than most electric drum sets. The Remo SilentStroke drumheads mimic acoustic heads, and also the Zildjian low volume cymbals react just like traditional cymbals (greatly unlike the rubber cymbals on an electric kit).

This is an incredibly versatile setup–it is possible to get involved in it as-is and luxuriate in to be able to practice at any hour without disturbing anyone. The drum module permits you to customize your drum set sound, and fire up your phone/laptop/whatever to hear tunes while you play. You might don the acoustic heads in case you had to gig. Personally, I came across this setup becoming a greater solution than accepting a complete electronic kit.

Particularly bundle is:

PDP Z5 5-piece drum kit in Grey Metal (22×16 bass, 14×5 snare, 14×12 floor tom, 12×9 and 10×8 rack toms)

PDP hardware (1 boom and 1 straight cymbal stand, HH stand, snare stand, kick pedal, 700-series throne)

Zildjian L80 Series LV468 Cymbals – 14%u201D hats, 16%u201D crash, 18%u201D crash/ride

Roland TD-6V Drum Module

Mesh drum heads – 14%u201D snare head from UFO Drums, 22%u201D bass and 10%u201D rack tom Remo Silentstroke heads

Stock drum heads for all drums