Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Written by Jazz Brown

Kids of all ages love music and they really love playing their music on cool awesome toys they can show off and share with their friends.

You can’t go wrong with any of these instruments sure to be on your child’s Christmas wish list this year. From drum and guitar sets, to unique and creative listening devices, to talking dogs and jam sessions, the best and most popular musical instruments and toys for kids are awaiting your perusal.

If you are looking for a gift or for something for your own kids, this is the place for you. Take your pick from the kids toys here including instruments and musical soft toys. Scroll through to enjoy with a collection of music toys for kids to let them have fun while they grow. They are highly recommended by parents because they’re so much fun and also very educational.

Remo Kids Percussion – A Durable Toy Drum That Sounds Like A Real Drum
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

* Beautiful rich sound
* No rough edges
* It is one durable toy drum (it’s a Remo so it’s on a completely different level than other toy drums)
* Colorful and light


* The black band around the top comes off fairly easily.

This is the coolest drum I’ve seen. Some that I’ve seen have a really cheap top that could easily be punctured…and they are over 20 bucks… this one is very thick and sturdy for only a bit more. I just can’t believe how good the quality is. The sound the mallots make on it are incredible. I’m really pleased. I got it for my daughter’s 2nd birthday (she LOVES drums) and she absolutely loves it, and it is something that will grow with her. Such great quality and an amazing price.

It has a wonderful rich sound, and you can beat it with your hands or the mallets it comes with. She can play it loud or soft, but it never gets annoying to listen to because of the full sound it makes.

I decided to buy this drum after discovering that our daughter loved to drum on my Remo djembe. Since I had to hold her up when she wanted to drum, I decided to get the kids version so that she could do it on her own. This is a high quality kids drum as expected, since Remo is a company that makes professional percussion instruments. Our daughter only uses her hands to bang on the drum for now, but maybe she’ll pick up the mallets when she gets a bit older. Highly recommended for any young budding musicians!

Dora the Explorer Tunes Guitar
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids


* Made from durable plastic
* Nice songs
* Strummable


* A bit small

This toy became an instant hit for my 3yr old who is so into Dora. She still plays with it and has so much fun. I love the tune and she can strum along like a real guitar. I am glad i purchased this. My kids so love this. They swing their hips and really really think they are playing. It is all they can do to wait their turn. So far so good. It is smaller than I expected but the girls don’t mind. I would buy it again.

The songs are cute, the plastic is tough, and the 2 year old thinks the “real” strumm-able “strings” are the best thing since sliced bread. My 4 year old likes it too, and both my girls are picking up bits of spanish just from singing along with the guitar. I definitely recommend it, especially to the pint sized Dora enthusiasts.

Fun Little Xylophone For Kid & Toddler

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

* Clear and well-tuned tones
* Has built-in space to store the mallet
* Sturdy yet light for little musicians to carry around
* Bag included

* None noted yet

We bought this xylophone for our 1-year-old granddaughter, who enjoys banging on different objects to hear the noise each of them makes. I looked locally, but all I could find were xylophones for older children. She loves it. But, better yet, the tone is so clear, it makes an enjoyable sound when played and is easy on the ears. Since she has only had it a short while, I can only guess as to its long-term durability, although it seems quite sturdy.

The handle on the glockenspiel fits her little hands perfectly. Another feature is that there is a built-in slot (underneath) where children can store the mallet. Highly recommend this product; Hohner is a great line of instruments. We already own the high cage bells, 16″ rainmaker, and are looking to expand our musical collection.

6 String Acoustic Guitar

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Budding young musicians will love learning to play guitar on this beautiful instrument from Hohner. It’s carefully crafted and precision tuned just like an adult-sized guitar, but scaled down to fit a child’s small hands and body. The guitar is made from naturally finished wood with nylon strings, and includes an instruction booklet.

Junior Colored Bagpipes
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

The junior bagpipe is designed as a practice tool for young children and perfect to keep the child student interested and motivated in their studies. Terrific to march with, these kid-tailored bagpipes look sharp anywhere and reward the enthusiastic player with a genuine Clanullah sound. Instrument-quality design features wood-crafted chanter and pipes, leather bag, and a 100% cotton tartan bag cover. Includes instructional finger chart and songbook.

Fender Mini Guitar

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

The Fender Mini Guitar by Squier is a great gift for all budding guitar enthusiasts. The electric guitar is a very popular instrument and now your child can play the real thing instead of their air or game guitar.

The Red Mini is gorgeous and incredibly playable, the saddle is solid and the strings hold their tune. This guitar is the ¾ size version of the real thing and comes with volume and master tone controls, has a maple wood neck and rosewood finger board.

After a bit of practice your young one will be jamming with their friends and dreaming of starting a band.

Electronic Teaching Drum Set

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Drum Set And Stool toy drum set includes 7 percussion instruments: bass drum, 4 snare drums, and 2 metal cymbals with a deluxe electronic rhythm tutor that teaches your child how to play. Using 40 pre-recorded songs, the tutor lights up to show your child which part of the drum to strike in the correct tempo. Includes 8 melody and rhythm variations and 4 learning levels. Also includes 2 drumsticks, foot pedal, and stool. Assembles in minutes. Made in Italy.

4 Key Trumpet

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids
Get some friends together for a real stage band show! Trumpet is accurately tuned and includes an easy to learn song on the box. Kids learn to play in minutes by following easy color or number patterns! Made in Italy of high impact plastic material.

8 Key Saxophone
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Kids learn to play in minutes by following easy color or number patterns! Saxophone is accurately tuned and includes an easy to learn song on the box. Made in Italy of high impact plastic material.

Junior Harp

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids
Every stroke makes a sweet sound so little ones are always pleased with their compositions. Made of Russian birch, this fully tunable Harp with bench comes with 15 pre-strung nylon strings for little fingers, tuning key, and stool; seat to floor 8.75″h.

Melody Harp
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Slide one of 12 starter song-sheets into place, then follow the dots to play a broad range of American folksongs! This finely crafted, durable instrument features 15 strings and includes your own tuning key. If a string breaks, don’t worry ~ strings are guaranteed for life! Comes fully tuned and ready to play. Made in Romania.

Toy Electric Organ
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Plays like a toy piano with the microphone. Nice look and easy to play. Comes with 37 keys that makes playing favorites a snap. Only needs 4 AA Batteries to run this aswesome keyboard.

Chimalong Jr

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Teach children the basics of music – melody, scales, volume, and more – with this multi-approach instrument. Recommended for its educational value, it can be played by number, color or notes. Includes an extra B-flat tube, two mallets & color songbook. Your child will be able to give quite the musical performance with the Chimalong, it is kid-friendly with a professional look. With 8 metallophone tubes for a fuller sound, this extended range Chimalong teaches your child how to make beautiful music by using colors, numbers and notes. While making and learning music, your toddler will sharpen numeric and sensory skills, as well as creativity. Little musicians can use the songbook to learn and play classics, or get begind the stand and compose their own works of art.

Schoenhut Drum Set

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Set includes 5 percussion instruments: bass drum, snare drum, tom-tom drum, and crash/ride cymbal. Includes spring-action foot pedal, tuning key, and drum sticks. Adjustable cymbal height, drum placement, and padded stool for hours of comfortable jamming.

KidiJamz Studio keyboard

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

This looks like a little kids toy and is sort of marketed as such but you will be surprised at how much fun the older kids and adults have.

Kids feel like real entertainers walking around with the microphone and singing their favorite tunes. The keyboard lights up, sound effects are memorable, and the microphone comes with 4 voice changing effects. This is real whole family fun.

Ocarina Flute Necklace

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Thought to be man’s oldest wind instrument, the ocarina Flute produces hauntingly unique sounds – perfect for Halloween! The ceramic ocarina comes on a 16″ cord so kids can take it anywhere, and includes instructions on how to play simple songs.

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

* Very sturdy
* Colored key codes
* No electricity or battery required


* The tune isn’t really accurate
* Paper note can be torn easily

This piano is great. I have three children aged 1 1/2, 3 1/2, & 4 1/2 and they love it. Be careful not to let anyone carry it by the top because it could pop off or knock it over because the keys could come loose. The only thing I would change about this piano is the paper notes. My children feel the need to pull them off. I wish they were painted on. All in all this is a great piano for the money and my children haven’t stop playing with it since we got it. It has provided much entertainment and is worth every penny. Another reviewer commented on the sound.

Sure, it’s not perfectly on par with a real piano, but I think it’s pretty darn great for no bigger than it is. I think you can only expect so much from a toy, and this one exceeded my expectations! I also have not had any durability issues, but it was made clear to my daughter from day one that she wasn’t to pick it up and move it around because I didn’t want her to drop it and ruin it, though it is quite sturdy. I also don’t let her sit or climb on it, though it looks like it would hold her with no problem.

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set of 3 pro-sounding drum pads include high hat, tom-tom, snare, bass and more ~ plus two drumsticks. Includes volume control, lights and sound effects for added fun!

54-Key Keyboard

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

The 54-Key Electronic Keyboard features 100 timbres, 100 rhythms, 32 tempos, 6 percussion instruments, effects such as vibrato and echo, 6 demo songs, and more! Also includes microphone and 2 speakers for fantastic sing-alongs. 4-octave keyboard is perfect for budding musicians! Requires 6 “D” batteries, or use included AC adapter.

Pink Baby Grand Piano

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

With 30 full-sized keys, the award-winning chromatically tuned Schoenhut Baby Grand has exceptional sound and quality. Available in high-gloss for elegant and long lasting appeal. Includes matching 9″ bench, songbook, and a color-coded learning system that fits behind the keys to guide small fingers. Bench supports up to 200 lbs. Made of hardwood and hardboard. Assembles in minutes. Size 20″l x 20.5″w x 19″h, Weight 24 lbs. (Age 3+

Calypso Steel Drum

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids
This wonderful drum is a smaller version of the “steel pan” drums of the Caribbean, and produces that authentic calypso sound. Diatonically tuned and designed to teach playing essentials. Comes with wood stand, 2 rubber-tipped mallets, and songbook. Size 10″d x 71/2″h. (Age 8+). Handcrafted on the island of Trinidad, this steel drum is a smaller version of the famous pan steel drums that are played there. It can still play an octave of notes (9 actually) though. How? Nine depresions are verrrry carefully pounded in the steel drumhead until they achieve exactly the width and depth that will create certain notes of the musical scale. Each is clearly marked with a letter that matches the music in the included songbook.

Musical Hand Bells

Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids


* Good, well tuned sound (and loud too)
* Bright colors
* Excellent for group play
* Durable (except for the stickers)


* Children can peel the stickers easily
* No songbook included

I love these hand bells for the kids—they loved them right away, and they are very young —ages 1, 2 and 4. Much cheaper than other handbells, and does the job of helping to promote musical education, but already one of the stickers in the top of the handle got ripped off by my kids. I suppose I could make my own sticker using my computer. But that’s the only bad thing about this product—young kids can rip off the stickers on the top of the handle.

These hand bells are a great educational toy and a very good way to introduce children and babies to music. They are especially fun when used in a group, where every child or parent gets a bell. They are very bright and colorful and the sound is nice and loud. I wish the notes were actually imprinted on the bells, because my baby peeled the stickers with the notes off within the first five minutes. But this is definitely a great musical toy.

Spectrum Digital Drum Set
Musical Instruments And Toys For Kids

Know a child whose heart is set on playing the drums? This is the ideal set because it has a volume control and headphone jack to provide peaceful practice.

Plenty of drum and percussion sounds for experimenting and learning, the set comes with an adjustable stand, AC adaptor, drum sticks, and instructional video.

You and your child both will be happy with this digital drum set.