Monette Stc Custom Made Trumpet Silver-plated

Written by Jazz Brown

Used Monette Stc Custom Made Trumpet Silver-plated. Fantastic monette stc ‘c’ trumpet available. Excellent condition with 100 % silver plating. Several small dings on bell. This is a customized horn built by david monette for top notch trumpeter dennis ferry – principal trumpeter in orchestre de la suisse romande in geneva.

This is a very early model and it’s in great original condition. One of the cool things I love about the early monnet trumpets is that the valve box very far back so it has a really cool balance, its a heavy horn but it doesn’t look like a heavy horn, it’s probably you know three or four ounces more than a normal box trumpet which might not seem like a lot to the normal casual trumpet but that’s actually quite significant on par with other trumpets.

So the thing I love about this trumpet it has that sound if you push it it will get pretty vibrant doesn’t have the normal like sometimes with when you play these horns that has a little bit of a delay on it this one’s actually quite nice, and I think it’s just it’s a tremendous jazz trumpet and you would really really love it.

You can find a huge selection of recordings of dennis performing with this monette stc 2 c trumpet which might be readily available. Included is really a monette double case. The monette trumpet may be the finest custom made trumpet on the market. Retails for $14,500.