Guitar Amplifiers

Marshall Artist 3203 all-tube head

Written by Jazz Brown

Marshall Artist 3203 all-tube head, 30W via (2) EL34 tubes. Last of the all-British made Marshall amps, manufactured in Bletchley, England. 1986 likely, or early 1987. Rare green tolex version. C4 modification already done by Beamish Electronic. The clean channel sounds great again, loud and clear. This Marshall amp head is highly sought after, lightweight yet sturdily built. Ideal for studio and small club gigs. It really is nearly impossible to find a 30W tube amp without the smaller tubes in it, like Vox and Orange use. This amp uses the bigger EL 34 tubes, and for that reason sounds the size of a Marshall stack at only 30 watts. Includes power cord. $850 cash upon pickup for that head and 4 x 12 cabinet set with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

I’m not really selling this rig because I must, speculate Recently i had too difficult and cannot play guitar, or drive. So, if you want to buy this amp you should drive if you ask me in Elyria. We have several other amplifiers and equipment available. Please text me at 21 66 88 56 28 and mention Marshall Artist with your text and so i know you just aren’t a telemarketer. Thanks