Lyon & Healy Stradivarius Violin

Written by Jazz Brown

This beautiful violin is labeled “Copy of Antonius Stradiuarius stated in Germany” and it is stamped “*LYON & HEALY, CHICAGO*” beneath the button within the back. It’s a perfect violin for a person who would like to possess a lovely vintage German violin outfit with a good price.

The violin has professionally-installed Wittner pegs that make it super easy to tune, and they look good. Encounter and hang up-up are excellent.

The bridge, nut, fingerboard, and tailpiece are typical set-around proper proper playing specifications. The fingerboard and tailpiece are high-quality dense black ebony.

The violin includes a very good German nickel-mounted violin bow stamped “KARL KNILLING.” It’s in like-new condition. The round stick is carved from pernambuco, and also the frog is carved from fine ebony. The body weight is 58g, along with the bow is well-balanced. It’s freshly re-haired, and contains a retail price of $250.

The violin includes a new Toshira Deluxe dart-shaped case from Shar music. The Toshira case can be a suspension case which has a strong plywood shell. Additionally, it features matched hardware, large sturdy handle, professional central latch, built-in back straps, large spot for shoulder rest with Velcro restraint, lid stress-relief restraint, and covered bow ribbons.

The violin sings with a beautiful full and focused tone. It provides a strong clear voice for the lower strings, along with a silvery soprano voice about the higher strings. The sound is and also full all the way inside the neck. It has excellent bow response, a good amount of volume, and lose timbre when played softly.

I’m selling it because I don’t listen to it anymore.

Lyon & Healy was one of several great importers of proper violins throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These folks were well-known for the quality of their violins. The firm continues to be in business today, whilst they stopped selling violins around 1926. This violin is just about a hundred years old. With a web search, so as to similar Lyon & Healy violins coming from a dealer would cost $2,000 and up for that violin alone.

The 2-piece top is constructed from spruce with a medium-width grain, and the back, neck, and ribs are made from maple with beautiful figure and flame. There are no cracks or repaired cracks inside the top or back. The deep amber varnish is extremely transparent, and it was artistically used by give over a golden ground. It isn’t an artificially antiqued violin, and there is almost no wear for the varnish apart from a number of minor nicks and scratches (see pictures).