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Kurzweil digital studio piano

Written by Jazz Brown

The Kurzweil is a renowned Triple Strike Grand Piano, the features of the PC3 includes many new sounds, drums, basses, guitars and synths, giving any musicians more style to play with.

It has the KB3 mode and again has over 250 orchestral and string section programs.

A 16 track sequencer is included that has more effects than Kurzeils KSP8 processor, giving you the ability to work with a super music production station.

You can also use the USB port to add more to the instrument or even a flash card and with a brand new interface Kurzweil is developing much more to your needs.

The Insides Explained

Kurzweil are setting themselves apart from it’s competition by designing their own processor chips that are specifically cusomtized to offer optimum audio and performance.

Kurzweil’s competitiors, in the industry are using less abled chips known as DSP and aren’t specifically designed to enhance audo performace whereas Kurzweils PC3 does contain the newer processor chips that are only designed for optimizing sound, giving more power to auido enhancement than any other competitor.

Also because of the newer processing chip Kurzweil’s PC3 has ligtening fast performance, and that’s why Kurzweil is certainly providing fast, rich, glitch free sound.

They are famous for working on the sound aspects and also perforamance, and this chip certainly has changed the present and future of Kurzweils superb range of products.

The Sounds Explained

The Kurzweil PC3 has another massive collection of sound totalling over 800 programs. Giving you a super set of sounds to work with that are of high quality performance. The instrument itself is certainly proving to offer the best samples to work with that exist in the industry.

The synth engine in the Kurzweil is extremely responsive giving you the feel of playing a reall instrument and not just samples and it still includes the Kurzweil Triple Strike Piano with many differen combinations suting every instrument player.

You get a large vintage keyboard rig at your fingertips through the included Classic Keys Rom. The lush sounds you get with Kurzweils PC3 76 key perfromance controller are just super.

All being re-created using pedals amps and speakers. funky music at your fingertips aling wtih amazing electrix pianos;s clavinets and mch more, programmed to sound perfect every time.

The vintage power doesn’t sto with the Classic Keys Rom as kruzweils amazing KB3 Mode tonewheel, organ simulator which makes more out of the ordinary sound sfor you to use, such as screams, sizzles, splutters and splats just like from the orginal Kurzweil instrument.

The amount of sounds provided continue on with more orahcestal sounds, the newest String Selection ROM bank making the Kurzweil PC3x ideal for film scoring and soundtrack projects.

It captures every inevitability of sounds that you will need to use the syntesizer for every little requirement you need it for. The detail to sound is spectacular and certainly merits the Kurzweil PC3 an amazing instrument.

The User Interface Explained

The PC3’s interface really does look more difficult than what it really is, Kurzweil have made improvements to help take the difficulty level way from the instrument. The newer interface is based on expanding the V.A.S.T architecture, and the new interface certainly delivers all the power of Kurzweil while still maintaining ease of use.

The help menu is always there to help you understand a function, displaying on the screen information about any particular function you have became confused by.

Using controllers is made even easier because holding down the cancel button gives you the ability to see what the controller is doing while you are using it.

Every sound has it’s own set of controller assignments allowing you to view them at the touch of a button.

The Effects Explained

The effects consist of up to 12 effects and two auxillary sends, they can be chained together in series or distributed among the 16 different channels.

The Kurzeeils effects are seriously good effects, domainating a lot of the industry, trasparent compressors, burning distortions, transparent compressors, warm pahser, chorus effects, perfect reverbs, absolutely everything from concert halls to vintage emulation.

You can assing all paramaters to any of the PC’s real time controllers, sliders, pedals or wheels.

The Sequencer Explained

The PC3 owns a 16 track sequencer, givng you the ability to combine a set of song editing functions, like step editing, contoller and swing editing functions.

It’s easily used as a workstation due to the sequence that it has, making music production much easier.

That’s it for the Kurzweil PC3 76 Key controller review, a great overview of the features and benefits for you to ponder over.

Kurzweil digital studio piano

Kurzweil digital studio piano

Kurzweil digital studio piano

Kurzweil digital studio piano

Kurzweil digital studio piano