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Harbinger M120 MV Portable PA system

Written by Jazz Brown

Harbinger M120 MV Portable PA system is a great solution for anyone needing an easy, portable head unit for smaller performances, presentations, and rehearsals. The machine includes a 120Watt 4-channel powered mixer, two loudspeakers, and speaker cables. Each channel has both xlr and 1/4%u201D inputs, with volume controls, 2-band eq, FX level control, including a 3-band Master EQ, master FX, master volume, and MP3/Aux input for music or backing track playback. Built-in speaker stand mounts allow an additional your own personal means additional versatility. It becomes an ideal system for singer/songwriters, presenters, DJs, and instructors. Lightly used, in great shape with everything working much like it ought to, at half the price tag on another one.