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Gibson L-5C guitar for Sale

Written by Jazz Brown

Beautiful 1981 Gibson archtop, serial # 81331051, stamped as SECOND (but you’ll be hard pressed to find a flaw). There’s one small blemish privately. I had created it checked by a luthier & it is just a finish issue not a wood issue. If you would like this guitar, i quickly don’t have to add the details. It is a real classic 17 ” archtop with the most effective building materials (spruce, maple, ebony) & skills made available from the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo. I acquired the guitar over a decade ago. It is often inside my smoke-free, pet-free, home without interruption. It has never been gigged out. I have always used an Oasis case humidifier each winter at the same time. Each year it gets a new pair of Thomastik Infeld Jazz Bebop strings installed, plus a complete setup including fret cleaning & leveling, intonation, truss rod adjustment, & other things needed, by a local guitar tech expert. It turned out originally built like a straight acoustic. The prior owner had a Johnny Smith floating pickup installed. It may sound wonderful through every amp, however , relates to life by way of a black face Fender.