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Fender Supersonic 22 Combo Guitar Amplifier Used

Written by Jazz Brown

Fender Supersonic 22 Combo Guitar Amplifier Used Retails for $1050. Incredibly versatile all tube, 22-watt, 2-channel 6V6 combo amp. Just put in fresh JJ ECC83MGs in V1 and V2 discover sure what this means).

Cleans in line with the Deluxe Reverb, includes a normal/fat switch that really beefs inside the tone, sounds glorious. The gain channel borders on Marshall distortions, and it has 2 gain knobs. The Earliest knob will be the actual gain, while the 2nd functions just like a saturation and compression dial, and really fills out the sound because it’s cranked. The reverb is a spring tank and contains exceptional Fender reverb tone. This amp rocks ! for jazz, country, blues, classic rock, indie/garage rock, of course, if you crank the gain and scoop the mids, even climbs into metal territory.

Great sounding guitar amplifier, you may not be disappointed with the assortment of tones available. It generates among the better tones that i’ve ever heard from any amp. It is possible to crank it up, and also the response will remain tight and precise. As far as functionality, I have never had any difficulties with the various components, but once you go above 5 on the reverb the amp will buzz. Fortunately though, I do not care much for think reverb inside my tracks. This is a pretty cool amp, and when you dial it in right, the Gain options (distortion) are superior to a number of people say.