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Fender Jazzmaster JM66B 1966 reissue

Written by Jazz Brown

An uncommon find. I understand, because it took me quite a long time to locate this place years back. FugiGen MIJ built (’94-95), offset Fender Jazzmaster JM66B. 1966 reissue with big block inlays and bound fretboard. Excellent condition as well as a joy to experience – built just, or even better, than many American Jazzmasters I’ve come across. Lollar pickups were a huge upgrade and can go from butter to chime.

– Entire cavity and pickguard copper shielded
– Lollar Jazzmaster pickups to replace original MIJs ($230)
– Fender Mustang bridge (reduced buzz, keeps strings available) ($50)
– Fender American Tremolo/Bridge, Arm to replace MIJ setup. (holds tune forever) ($80)
– Rewired with complete Jazzmaster Pots/Switch/Jack Vintage Kit ($90)
– Ivory pickup covers ($15)
– Includes “Buzz Stop” tailpiece (easy on/off – $50)
– All original parts/pickups, minus wiring, included
– Strap Lock buttons
– Currently strung with EB Power Slinkys (11-48)
Condition is excellent. 7.5″ radius fingerboard. There are some dings that are shown in photos. A great guitar that will get played could have these. (I mention for full disclosure and for those non-playing, “museum guys.”) I will ship UPS Ground (Continental US only) in protected and insured box. I’ve sold guitars before, it’ll arrive because it left. Comes with the original Fender gig bag. Parts have been around in the pockets.