Guitar Amplifiers

Fender concert amp 1983 handwired rivera

Written by Jazz Brown

Fender Concert 1983 1×12 (Rivera-built) 60 watts RMS. Hand wired, point out point amp. 2foot switchable channels (with separate EQ.) Foot switchable reverb. The tubes:2, 6L6GCs, 5 12AX7s as well as 12AT7s. Everywhere sensitivity inputs.

The clean channel has volume with bright boost, treble, and bass. (The reverb and presence recieve treatment in clean mode.) Control channel has volume (with pull channel switch, you should definitely with all the foot switch), gain, master, treble, mid (with pull mid boost that contributes a great deal of boost), bass, reverb and presence. As there are a standby switch as well as an on/off switch. The reverb is by a tube driven, Accutronics long tank (another advantage of a bigger cab). The drive channel has Volume (pull to pick if not using footswitch), gain, master, treble, mid (pull for boost), bass reverb, and also the magic “presence” knob!

Layout of rear, AC outlet, ground switch, main speaker jack (8 ohm), external speaker jack, line recording out, return level, effects return jack, effects send jack, send level, reverb tank out, reverb tank in, jack for channel foot pedal, jack for reverb pedal, hum balance pot.

The clean channel is strong and holds clean way up until the bitter end. You will need to get past 6, about the audio taper pot to start making it clip. Sounds closer to a Blackface Twin, without the weight.
Charge channel seems like a cross between a cranked Super Reverb along with some Boogie character.
Includes original footswitch (for reverb and channel switching) and tilt-back leg.