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Ev Qrx 115/75 Used

Written by Jazz Brown

Ev Qrx 115/75 Used. 4 Electrovoice QRX 115/75, each of them function perfect and are in nice shape…merely one carries a small blemish on 1 corner, these run around $1800 each now. I am going to also throw in 2 custom cases I had made for these at $550.00 each.

We have amplifers housed in SKB cases I’m also able to build into the deal for more cash….plenty of speakon cables, and a few custom snakes too. you are able to come and i’ll demonstrate them for you, you may be impressed… these are a high end cabinet… ideal for an audio company, DJ. Bands, Church etc.

The QRx series is the standard for regional sound companies, rental professionals, and contractors who wish compact high-performance loudspeakers with concert-grade EV components. Covered with rugged EVCOAT, QRx looks great stacked, on poles, as monitors, or flown with simple, integrated, L-track rigging points. Unique, fully-rotatable asymmetrical horns have a very 15-degree downward bias to be sure high-frequency coverage without having to tilt the enclosure toward the viewers. Our powerhouse DH7 large-format driver (three-inch voice-coil, 1.4-inch exit) provides high-frequency engine, while a variety of DL and EVX woofers anchor the low and sub frequencies. The combination of high-level components, unique design, and versatility make QRx series the most effective values in the market.