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Epiphone’s design new five-string Tobias 5 String Bass Deluxe-V. Ergonomic body shape

Written by Jazz Brown

Epiphone’s design new five-string Toby Deluxe-V. Ergonomic body shape, it combines the punch associated with an upright bass with the clear detail of your electric bass. The Toby Deluxe’s Active Tonexpressor Bass Enhancement Control gives bassists a breakthrough into new dimensions on stage along with the studio at a cost that any player are able. Flush-mount low profile fully adjustable bridge, hard maple neck. The neck carries a 34″ scale length for enhanced clarity, a rosewood fingerboard with a 12″ fingerboard radius and a black 1.90″ nut. The Active Tonexpressor provides both boost and cut to selected bass frequencies and high frequencies. This enables a thundering bottom end while still maintaining clarity without becoming boomy. High quality, blending, black, brand new strings into it. IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m adding free of charge the MXR Noise Clamp (Suppressor) Pedal for a flawless robust tone (see photos).