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Dark oak 1986 Yamaha M302 Console Piano

Written by Jazz Brown

This dark oak Yamaha console is a superb instrument for a person who’s an aspiring piano student but doesn’t always have a guitar to inspire them! Many families obtain that old heirloom upright piano that’s been handed down a couple of generations….and is simply not an excellent instrument anymore. Idea hard to forget about days gone by, but (should you not would like kids to have frustrated and quit their piano lessons) you might have to consider upgrading into a piano which will make beautiful music, every one of the keys work, the pedals don’t flop around, and may live in tune. Just sayin’.

After accomplishing this gig for 32 years, I have seen people that spend lots of time and your money taking their children to piano lessons….as well as the piano the kids go back home to apply on plays three separate notes on one key! This makes for a serious issue as soon as your young student has a difficult time finding out what note each key should really seem like. Anyway, this probably should go in your blog post instead of a piano description.