Buying A Used Guitar At Reasonably Affordable Price

Written by Jazz Brown

Looking for a quality made guitar in today’s market can either be a very difficult find or will be quite costly. That’s the main reason for buying second hand, not only will you get a better deal but the quality of the instrument is usually quite higher. Just one thing to know especially about acoustic guitars which this article is mainly about is to look at the features, details and any damages of the guitar itself. One thing that is very important in older guitars is the bridge which is the long strip of wood located at the bottom of the guitar in this photo. Check to see if its raised at all and especially if there is any cracks. The bridge itself might not be raising off the guitar but it could be pulling the surrounding body of wood up with it which is usually due to stress on the neck. If your not sure what to look for ask a friend who knows what to look for when buying a used guitar either online or local.

Why Buy Used?

Find the diamonds in the rough
Like I said above buying a used guitar can sometimes be a much better investment then guitars made of today. In the 1960’s and 1970’s many guitars were built with care and precision however today’s cheaper guitars are just not the same. I managed to find several guitars myself for under $100 that had wonderful features and were just beautiful, though keep a sharp eye and inspect any problem that you think the guitar might have before making a purchase. In this short article I want to talk about the best places to find these diamonds in the rough and rescue them from their prisons.

Brands such as Yamaha, Yamaki, El Degas, Hondo, Westbury, Univox, Framus, EKO, Kent, Harmony, Epiphone, Goya, Kay, Stella and Tama are only some of the better makes of guitar IF they are made before 1980. I mean think of it if you are planning on spending close to 300 on a Squire Stratocaster you may as well spend the 300 on a vintage Yamaha or vintage MIJ Ibanez, the build quality will be better and the parts they used on the guitar will be much better. Many vintage acoustic guitars produced in Japan in the 1970’s might be made out of laminate but again which I can’t stress enough build quality is vastly superior to their counterparts of today.

Where to find used guitars

Looking for the guitar that’s right for you
Some of the best places to look are right in your City or especially on the Internet, just really do your research before purchasing ANY instrument. Some of the best places to look are:

Pawn Shops
Always a great place to look as these stores usually get such a wide variety of guitars. Be sure to inspect the guitar with great care before making any kind of purchase as some could be damaged.

Yard Sales
Sometimes people sell their guitars at flee markets or yard sales for excellent prices. I’ve seen a 1970’s Univox 12-string electric for around 200 once which I think was a great buy.

Music Stores
You never know but some music stores actually carry used gear and could have a vintage Yamaki acoustic or vintage Framus lying around for next to nothing. Sometimes they offer a 30-day money back as well.

Well there you have it four great places to start your hunting but remember to buy with care and ALWAYS inspect your instruments before making any kind of purchase

Tips on How to Shop for the Right Guitar

If you’ve decided to play guitar – either as a hobby or to purse professionally, then you’ll want to make the best decision when purchasing your instrument.

If you’re new to guitar playing, then you might want to start with a used guitar just until you get your feet wet.

If you’re a seasoned player who wants to improve your talent, then you might feel confident paying a little more for an upscale, new guitar that meets your needs.

If you have any questions about your specific guitar needs, I invite you to drop me a note so I can help you make a decision before you buy.

What Kind of Guitar Do You Need?
When you start shopping for your guitar, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices you have. There are electric guitars, acoustic guitars – guitars with nylon strings, and those that are steel-strung.

You want to do some research into what kind of sound you want to achieve before you invest in a guitar – whether it’s new or used. A guitar with nylon strings will deliver a softer sound, which is great if you want to focus on classical guitar music.

Steel-strung, flat-top guitars are more suitable for those who have solos in mind or guitar play with a pick. It gives you a crisp sound that the nylon strings don’t deliver. You can get even more range with the vibrations of the strings if you go with an electric guitar and add an amplifier to the mix.

It’s possible to find inexpensive new guitars that are of pretty good quality these days. I personally prefer Martin Guitars, but you can choose an Ibanez guitar or Yamaha guitar if you’re just starting out, too.

Sometimes it’s best to test the guitars out to see which one you feel most comfortable with. You’ll need to learn the little things, like how to tune your guitar, so that no matter what style you buy, it always delivers the best sound.

Navigating the Rough Waters of Buying a New or Used Guitar
You shouldn’t rush into the guitar-buying process. It’s not something you suddenly wake up and decide to do one day and run out to grab one off a shelf in the store. You don’t want to be pushed into buying a guitar by an overly eager sales clerk who’s looking to make a commission.

Go to a local guitar store, but not with the intention of buying that day. Instead, use that time to evaluate the different kinds of guitars – from acoustic to electric. Make some mental notes about what you did or didn’t like about each type and brand of guitar.

Take that information home with you for further research. Not only are you concerned with buying the right kind of guitar, but you want to be a savvy shopper, too! You’ll want to go to each company’s website and research the features and gear they offer.

These days, you can probably find the best deal on your new or used guitar by using the Internet to make your final purchase. In a local store, prices can be inflated because the competition in each area is low.

But on the Internet, there’s a lot of competition to provide the best pricing and widest array of choices in acoustic and electric guitars. At We offer selections on many brands that come in new and used form, so when someone comes to our site, they’re going to find something that suits their needs.

A brick and mortar business can’t compete because they can’t stock the vast majority of what we’re able to offer.

Customers can get their merchandise shipped quickly directly to their home, without having to worry that the product will arrive damaged, since packing is carefully handled to ensure the instrument is protected.

Rare vintage guitars have a nostalgic appeal for me. A beautiful vintage guitar is such a work of art with deep rich sounds and unique hand crafted designs, it doesn’t get any better than the soulful sound of a rare vintage Gibson, Fender, or PRS guitar.

For that reason I showcase some of the best Golden Era vintage guitars for sale in town including Fender, Gibson, and the ever beautiful Paul Reed Smith guitar. For the cash strapped guitar lovers among us I also feature current vintage reissue guitars for sale that have that vintage feel with modern technology at a reasonably affordable price.

Also for fun I list the rarest most unique seriously crazy expensive vintage guitars for sale on eBay. So if you have an extra $45K burning a hole in your pocket you may be able to pick up a vintage 1952 Gibson Gold Top electric guitar for your collection! Good Luck and happy shopping – and hey if you want to buy me a Martin D-45 Dreadnought for hooking you up – that’s perfectly fine by me…