Beautiful authentic Chicago made Ludwig Drum Set

Written by Jazz Brown

Be the first to come check out this beautiful, authentic Chicago made Ludwig Drum Kit inside the Hollywood configuration of 22, 12, 13, & 16. The drums feature 3 ply shells with NO EXTRA HOLES, and were manufactured Aug. 13, 1970. This can be a factory matched kit with matching dates and ghd serial numbers. 1970 represents the roll-out of blue and olive badges, clear interiors and curved disappearing spurs.

If you have been wanting a Ludwig kit in rare Sky Blue Pearl, now is your opportunity to own one of many sweetest kits around. The first covering is excellent condition having a brilliant sheen, hardly any Or No flaws, tight seams, plus some sensational looking even fading. Visually it’s hard to believe you are thinking about a completely functional near 50 years old drumkit. All drums and hardware have recently been cleaned and lubricated. Brand new Evans head on the kick drum along with the ORIGINAL logo resonant head from 1970 on front! Nearly new Evans coated heads around the tops of most toms and Completely New Evans clear heads for the batter side give this kit a hot but punchy sound. Mufflers are mixed together and completely functional i do my silencing trick in their mind to keep them from rattling. I like these drums sound GREAT?!

The sale includes some piece shell pack, 3 original floor tom legs and original tom holder. If you’d like hardware, a classic snare or cymbals, cases etc., I got them. The greater you acquire, the greater the deal!