Used Pianos & Keyboards

88 full-sized keys Casio Hammer-Action Electric Piano

Written by Jazz Brown

88 full-sized keys, 700 convincing piano tones, ports for headphone, microphone (w/volume control), USB connection and SDHC card. Includes piano, stand, seat, sustain pedal, AC adapter, manual and a couple of song books. Central screen aids learners with images showing finger positioning and much more.

Please visit box photo for more details. I bought this because design for pressing the keys is similar to with a real piano. Irrrve never ended up getting far (sigh), which device does more than I ever used, like accompanying rhythms, metronome, and all sorts of electronic capabilities I am aware nothing about. Model no. is CDP-230R.

Perfect for learners but I suspect real musicians could make full use of it too.

Excellent condition and everything works