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3rd Power Citizen Gain 40 watt amp head

Written by Jazz Brown

3rd Power Citizen Gain 40 watt amp head. This amp packs a punch! I sent the amp back to Jamie at 3rd Power amplification back in late 2017 and the man did his latest CSR mods about this amp. This amp is essentially a single channel amp along with his CSR amp gain channel. The amp will get surprisingly clean along with high gain. This is among the one of the most articulate amps that i’ve ever played as well as the most versatile single channel amp That i’ve ever owned. It is a joy to play this amp! I really could go on & on relating to this amp, nevertheless, you really just have to own one and set time together with it to view what is going on. A great deal of low end if you need it! I do believe you could play any sort of music using this type of amp easily. The EQ section, gain, volumes & toggle switches are great.

Another cool feature on this particular head aside from the latest CSR factory mods, could it be also offers the identical toggle switches since the CSR. The 1Or2/3 switch to the mids along with the thick/tight 1/tight 2 toggle switch. Not all of the Citizen Gain heads have these toggles.

The 2×12 cab is not included and merely used for reference so you can notice that this is the small headshell size Jamie used for his Citizen Gain non-reverb heads. Your head is a nice size rather than fat if you have to move it around.

The amp is within top condition, always stored in my smokeless workplace & should include the original box and packaging. Power cord is roofed.