1979 vintage slingerland drums with Nile badges

Written by Jazz Brown

Slingerland 1979 vintage drums with Nile badges. We were holding many of the last great Slingerlands . These drums last 1979 cost 3000 dollars. Identical to spending 12000 now. Only drummers on big stages and large wallets bought them. For that there have been not alot sold. The film the jazz singer you will see these drums. It a huge kit with Tom’s which can be 6,8,10,12,13,14,15,16, and floor Tom 18. Kick is 22. Someone bought another kick at some part of your energy and added however that one failed to include this set new.The model is power play. I truly do have two Slingerland snares for extra money. This kit includes the shell pack and Tom stands. No cymbal stands and cymbals or bass pedal or hihat. I do have hihat that is proper with this set i should include. It absolutely was upgraded years back to Tama superstar hardware because it was more rugged than original . That has been done alot back then. The Tama superstar hardware is incredibly collectible also.