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1974 Fender Rhodes Electric Piano 88 Key Stage Model

Written by Jazz Brown

For sale is a 1974 Fender Rhodes Electric Piano. 88 Key Stage Model. This piano is fully functional and each key plays, and the tone is beyond creamy, it sounds like honey being poured into your ears. With some t.l.c. it might be fully restored.

Three keys stick occasionally (see photo), some hardware has rust developing, the harp cover has a crack about the rear right corner (can’t be seen when cover is on, however did include a photo with the crack), along with the tolex has some wear. Total it is in fair condition. The piano didn’t feature a sustain pedal. I’m getting $1,000 but available to offers. values this piano from $999-$5,000. I am upgrading/restoring this as time goes by, so expect the price to improve as I put work involved with it.