1960 G. Penzel Clarinet Pro Set Up

Written by Jazz Brown

This brilliant and unique G. Penzel Clarinet inside the Key of Eb got the full restoration with Natural Cork Pads for the Upper Joint and Premium White Leather Pads around the Lower Joint and is placed to experience as soon as you open the situation. Worth it to read to view a 2 piece Eb clarinet so you must mind the alignment between to the upper and lower joint to guarantee the bridge stays in regulation such as a Bb or even an A clarinet. The bell an accidents are stamped BD of ED NYC 1960 and so i am assuming this originated Nyc. This instrument is at good playing condition and contains an excellent big sounds but I’d still call it a new player horn since it has some cosmetic imperfections.

Nickel Plated Brass Keys
Keys Oiled
Keys, Posts, & Rings Hand Polished to Mirror Finish
Natural Cork Pads Installed on the Upper Joint
Hand Made Replacement Upper Barrel Ring
Premium White Leather Pads Installed on the Lower Joint
Logo Gilded
Nickel Plated Polished Brass
New Key Corks
Manufactured: 1960
Both latches spring open
Overhauled: November 2018
Original Case Included
All Keys Fit
Wood Oiled & Polished
All Notes Voiced
Fully Regulated
Key Heights & Action Set
New Tenon Corks
Generic Eb Mouthpiece, Ligature, Cap, and Vandoren 2 1/2 Reed Included
Some wear & cosmetic imperfections but fully functional
These pads provide a nice balance between the high and low harmonics
Cork Pads deliver quick response and are highly stable
This will be plenty fine but the serious player may want to upgrade after some time and have this as a back up
All Pads Seated
Cork pads require the key work to be extra tight so every key on this instrument has been refit between its posts
Leather pads offer much more longevity than traditional bladder skin pads
These White Leather Pads were developed specifically for clarinet
Cork Pads favor high harmonics and give a bright sound
As a bonus this tight key work improves the general feel of the key action
Grenadilla Wood