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15 piece White Yamaha Field corps drumline Prewoned

Written by Jazz Brown

Designed for top tier marching programs, Field-Corps bass drums supply a deep, resonant tone plus a punchy attack. Through the focused tone of the smallest size towards the thunderous boom from the largest model, these bass drums are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor marching percussion activities. Making the most of experience and an enviable background in the world’s top drum and bugle corps, the 8300 Series Field-Corps Marching Bass Drum includes a maple shell along with a consistent shell depth through the entire lineup, adding solid power and presence for the bass line. 15 piece White Yamaha Field corps drumline.

Here’s what’s included:
6 Yamaha SFZ tube lug 14″ snare drums with Randall May lift front carriers.
2 groups of Yamaha Field Corps quint tenor drums with new Remo Pinstripe Crimploc heads, Randall May lift front carriers, and could Stadium stands.
4 Yamaha Field Corps bass drums 18″, 22″, 26″, 30″ with Randall May vest carriers and Yamaha gray tour cases.
3 pair Zildjian Stadium 20″ crash cymbals.
This drumline is preoned however in excellent shape capable to play!